IX Summit

A New, Messy, & Incredible Artist Residency for Camp Directors

Join us for a free 4 day experiment with 12 camp pros from across the country working on projects in public, in community.

What We Promise


Blurb about why free / why want to be accessible and learn from the community etc, etc.

Cozy Accommodations

You’ll be staying at the newly updated staff cabins at Camp Reimagined.

Delicious Food

We believe in the importance of great food at camp and will accommodate any dietary needs.


We will all be inspiring each other through stimulating conversation.


You’ll have access to our spaces and the freedom to work on your project!

What We Ask For

A Project

Come with something you want to work on. A specific project for your camp that you can make a major dent on in 4 days


A willingness to share and collaborate what you are working on with the IX community

An Open Mind

We all need an open mind in order to reimagine what is possible at camp

How It Will Look

  • You will have an artist studio in a big room of other artist studios. With a workplace and tons of supplies to spark your creativity. You will have access to all office supplies you could need

  • The huge majority of everyday life will be up to you. Work on your project, take a hike, talk to other folks, organize a game of basketball
  • There will be emergent share outs, artists, and graphic support to help you turn your ideas into visuals or prototypes to test, question, and play with
  • You know how artists have artist retreats where solitude, community, and space to think let them find space to create. Imagine that, but for camp directors. 
  • It’s a new idea, do you want to come on this ride with us?

What's Going To Make Your Application Stand Out?

Strange Ideas

Come with something you want to work on. A specific project for your camp that you can make a major dent on in 4 days

Value Alignment

Alignment around some piece of Camp Reimagined’s areas of work (Self-Direction at Camp, Racial Justice, & Gender Equity)


01. What do you mean by "Artist Residency"?

Camp pro’s are not just artists, we are basically magicians. On the fly you can prevent crises, triage meltdowns and create solutions like no other. Imagine what you could do with a full week. The goal of this summit is to dig deep into your creativity and imagination and proactively think about the three focus areas and how they show up at your camp. While we expect you to create something useful during the week, we do not expect you to start from scratch. By deeply focusing on one project to enhance, we believe you can make something both beautiful and just.

02. Can you provide an example of what type of project would qualify for this summit?

Projects should be small enough to make significant progress in a week, but substantial enough to make a big change in any of the three focus areas for your camp. The goal is to implement any new ideas/thoughts that emerge over the week into your projects. Some examples that work are revamping a handbook, songbook, internal policy or procedure.

03. Will there be full group activities or all activities independent?

There will be opportunities to collaborate, network and share with your colleagues but there is no pressure to participate in most of the larger group activities. If you work best independently, feel free to do so the majority of the time. We have carefully curated this experience so that you can choose what workstyle is best for you.

04. Will we have to share a final product at the end?

We want this summit to be rooted in choice, so participants will ultimately get to decide if they want to share their final product to the larger collective. If participants choose to present a final report back, there is no expectation for your project to be completely solved over the course of the summit. Sharing your progress is just as important and adding to the learnings of the group. You can curate what this report back ultimately looks like!

05. Am I allowed to change my initial project at any point throughout the summit?

This summit was designed to best serve your project needs and what would work best to bring change to your camp. Inspiration will be all around you, so we understand if this prompts a shift in direction for your project. If you are inspired to make large or small changes to your original design, please feel free to do so. We only ask that you inform the organizing committee so we can support you in this shift with the necessary resources and guidance. Also, you were admitted based on your original design so we want to maintain a level of transparency throughout this process to ensure a fair and equitable selection process.

06. Can I support other participants with their project if it is within my expertise?

This will be a very collaborative and participant led space, so if this is a desire of yours, please do so. We also know that we want each individual to leave with major progress on their own project goals. So if this can be done without taking away from your own personal work, we encourage you to do so.

07. What project supports will be provided throughout the summit to do our best work?

The community of participants will be your most vital resource throughout the summit. They are camp pros with years of experience and a passion for transformational change. We look forward to the conversations that will spark the progression of your project. In addition, the organizing committee will be there as industry experts in the room to help support you with specific inquiries and concerns around your project.

Organizing Team

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