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We strive to be a place of belonging, inspired by a belief about what's possible.

A Place of Belonging

Our property is located in the foothills of the Catskills Mountains, and sits on the land formerly stewarded by the YMCA of Greater New York’s Camps Greenkill, McCallister, and Talcott. At this property we are actively working to create innovative camp programming that builds joy, belonging, empathy, and curiosity in environments where youth are empowered to build their own experiences.

A Belief About What’s Possible

We believe that camp is the best place on earth for young people to grow in their understanding of themselves, build community with others, and connect with the natural world. We are also confronted with the reality that historically camps have centered the experiences and needs of white, cisgender, straight males, which has affected the way the industry has been designed and the traditions that have been perpetuated. We do not need to build shame or guilt into shifting this reality, as we are not responsible for the way these systems were built. We believe in approaching this shift with compassion, curiosity, and bravery so that we can all build the next iteration of camp together.

We are on a mission to build spaces of belonging for all people, including those who have been historically marginalized and those who have historically held privilege, because we believe that everyone should have a space at camp. We aim to inspire and be inspired by individuals in the camp industry working to build the inclusive camp environments that all youth deserve.

Our hope is to build a community of values-aligned camp professionals who, like us, dare to dream of a world where camp is designed to be welcoming of all campers equally. We believe that by centering voices that have traditionally been left out of the conversation, and by empowering those voices to thrive, we can spark an industry-shifting movement.

Our Areas of Work

Our Areas of Work

We are anchored in three major areas of work, each of which has been historically undervalued in the camp industry.

Racial and Social Justice

We work towards uncovering and dismantling camp systems and traditions that are rooted in white supremacy and colonialism.

Gender Inclusive Design

We build spaces where participants of all genders and sexualities have access to a safe and affirming camp experience.

Centering Youth Voice

We center the voices and needs of the young people we serve to maximize choice and agency.

Our Programming Pillars

Our Programming

Our work is guided by three programming pillars, each of which ground us in approaching our work with humility and authenticity.


We are endlessly curious about exploring the systems and traditions that already exist.


We imagine what is possible with creativity and empathy as our guides.


We are playful in our approach, creating intentional space for joy in all that we do.

Meet Our Team

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