Huguenot Day Camp

We let campers build the experience that they want.

Campers ages 6-13 can choose from common camp activities like nature hikes, swimming, boating, and s’mores making, but also have the opportunity to tell us what they are interested in! Want to have a mud science day? Let’s work together to make it happen! Interested in how many frogs you can catch in a 30-minute showdown? Let’s find out! All campers are given trust in a well-structured, safe environment where they can choose activities that will light them up and bring them joy.

Day Camp Details

Through our Camper Empowerment Plan, each camper will be seen as the unique, incredible individual that they are. We will partner with caregivers and campers to define what success will look like for each young person and ensure that we have the tools and training to meet those needs. This could look like having your child’s favorite snack on hand if they are having a rough day, or it could look like 15 minutes of after-lunch decompression time in our sensory-friendly space because that is when your kiddo gets the most overwhelmed. We know that campers and their families know their unique needs more than we do, and we want to help empower youth by allowing them to name what safety looks like and feels like to them.


We are excited to offer a range of activities to suit the unique interests of each camper. We are also super curious about the activities that your camper wants to participate in and are eager for them to help us build camp together! The common theme throughout all activities is that we want campers to build positive relationships with others in the community – because a community that plays together can be transformed together!

Along with our traditional activities below, some uncommon activities we might do are: Pudding Tag (What’s that? We aren’t sure, either! Let’s figure it out together!), newspaper costume making, macaroni science, extreme bubble making, and rumble ball (Which is totally made-up. It could be anything!)

• Arts and crafts
• Theatre games
• Boating
• Nature Exploration

• Gardening
• Outdoor Cooking
• Hammock Time
• High Ropes

Creek Exploration
• Swimming
• Sports & Camp Games


Eight weeks of day camp sessions will be offered from June 26 – August 18, 2023 for children ages 6 – 13.

Daily camp hours will run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Lunch and snacks are included.

An extended care option is also available. Extended care hours will run from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Extended care is available at no extra cost. 

• June 26 – 30
• July 3 – 7 (Closed on the 4th, Prorated)
• July 10 – 14
• July 17 – 21

July 24 – 28
July 31 – August 4
• August 7 – 11
• August 14 – 18

Example Schedule

7:30 am - 9:00 am

Open for Extended Care

9:00 am

Group Assembly featuring juggling and Dad jokes

9:30 am

Free Choice Time: Hammock Time, Sports, Gardening or Arts

10:45 am

Snacktivity making Waffle Faces

11:00 am

Free Choice Time: Sling shots, hammocks, dinosaur egg hunt

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Quiet Activity or Loud Activity (Camper Choice)

2:00 pm

Water Time! Swimming, Boating, Sandcastle building.

3:30 pm

Change and ready for departure!

4:00 - 5:30 pm

Open for Extended Care

"The property is wonderful ,
great experience and friendships forged !”

– Parent of ’22 Day Camper

Day Camp Pricing

Tier pricing is not income-based but based on what your family is comfortable paying. You choose what you pay and no additional paperwork is required!

All campers receive the same camp experience regardless of the tier their family pays.

Tier A


Most accurately accounts for the true cost of operating camp including wear and tear on equipment and depreciation.

Tier B


A partially subsidized rate for those who can afford to pay more than the basic cost associated with attending camp such as staff, salaries, and supplies.

Tier C


An adjusted fee that covers just the basic costs associated with attending camp.

Mike O'Brien, Director of Community Engagement

Meet Our Director

I come to Camp Reimagined with over 20 years of summer camp experience, the last ten as the Camp Director of Camp AJ in Mckee, Kentucky, a small rural community a lot like Huguenot. I love dreaming up new camp games, talking in silly voices, and finding ways to make sure every person is a valued and necessary member of the beloved community that is camp. I believe that camp should be a place where every child feels safe, welcomed, and loved. My wife Julianna and I met at camp, and together we have two awesome kids, Cooper and Maeve. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to become members of this community and to laugh and play with all the campers and staff at camp this summer!

Mike O'Brien, Director of Community Engagement
Camp building at Camp Reimagined

Our Location

Located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Camp Reimagined rests in 1,000 acres of pristine wilderness and is a collection of lakes, streams, waterfalls, ridges, vistas, and miles of hiking trails. Set between the historical villages, hamlets, and towns of the Neversink and Delaware River, its lush green forest is home to deer, turkeys, foxes, many species of birds, and aquatic life. Campers will have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces perfect for every weather condition.

More About Camp Reimagined

Young people have traditionally had their voices silenced in inequitable ways in the design process of spaces aimed at serving them. We believe that youth have the right to be active participants in their life narrative and that, through play in safe and just spaces, they can learn more about who they are. We believe that some populations of youth are subject to voices and barriers in society working to limit their imaginations and ability to explore living to their fullest potential. We are passionate about removing barriers created by these ideas. Instead, we seek to instill courage & resiliency within campers in regards to awareness of their identity and ability to effectively pursue their own role in the world. We hope that you’ll take a look around, get to know us better, and connect with us soon!

Interested in joining our Day Camp team? Check out our open positions or contact us with general inquiries!

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