Sleepaway Camp

Coming Summer 2024!

Creating a Sleepaway Camp experience in collaboration with youth has been a dream of ours since the inception of Camp Reimagined.

In support of this dream, we hosted a Teen Design Residency (TDR) in summer 2022 with the intent of centering youth in their own experiences. We welcomed a group of incredible youth leaders to camp for four weeks, delving curiously into the history of what camp has been and creatively into the future of what camp can be. Our hope was to harness our learnings to thoughtfully design a sleepaway camp experience for summer 2023 inspired by TDR.

But, here’s the thing: to absolutely no one’s surprise, big dreams take time. And in order to really do this thing, and do it right, we have a lot more to learn.

So, we’re pressing pause on this summer’s sleepaway camp experience. We’re taking time to learn, grow, and collaborate in the spaces that will allow us to host a summer camp that holistically and authentically honors our youth when the time is right. 

This is work we can’t, and frankly don’t want, to do alone. If you are interested in collaborating, or simply want to stay in the loop, drop us a note on our Contact Us page! We can’t wait to share our journey to summer 2024 with you, and all of our learnings, wonderings, and discoveries along the way.

Sleepaway Camp Details

We believe in the power of imagination and empower campers to choose their own adventures with the support of a dynamic team who are all about mixing wonder and surprise into camp. No two days at sleepaway camp are alike, as campers have the opportunity to tailor their experience to their unique needs and interests. We support campers in driving their experience through our Camper Empowerment Plan, designed to provide individualized support to each camper before, during, and after camp in order to help them thrive. With 40 campers and 15 staff, Bogglefox is perfect for first-time campers and experienced campers alike.


At the beginning of each session, campers will have the opportunity to participate in an optional community project where they can help create an experience for the entire community to engage in! A camper-created fort for all to camp in, a camp dance, or even a renaissance fair are examples of possibilities that can come to life with camper support. And, of course, campers are welcome to bring their imagination and tell us what they’d like to create; we’d love to make it happen! A few of the many activities campers will be able to choose from include:

• Creative Art
• Outdoor Music
Sports & Camp Games
Obstacle Course

Ultimate Tag

• Kayaking
• Woodworking
Outdoor Education


This summer we will be offering two, six-day sessions for kiddos ages 9-11 for our pilot program. Stay tuned for session dates coming soon!

What Camp is Like

Throughout the day your explorations, activities, and experiences will have opportunities for your voice to influence your experience. Our program is designed to allow flexibility from a traditional schedule based on blocks of time. The best comparison is a fairground-with areas to explore throughout the day with options mixed in for special events, programs, and surprise activities. We intentionally build flexibility for activities to last longer or transition earlier.

Uplifting youth choice,
exploration, and epic play.

Sleepaway Camp Pricing

We will have a sliding scale to allow families to pay what they want. We ask that families are honest and generous at the time of registration.

All campers will receive the same camp experience regardless of the price their family pays.

Additional support will be available.

Flexible Pricing

$500 Suggested

We will be offering flexible pricing in honor of our pilot program this summer! Our suggested price is $500, which covers the basic costs associated with attending camp. Financial support will be available for families who could benefit from a boost in fulfilling the suggested price. Families who are in a position to fulfill the suggested price, or contribute more than the suggested price, will be asked to do so. 


Chris Rehs-Dupin (he/him), Advisor/Ideator

Meet Our Director

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Chris Rehs-Dupin (he/him), Advisor/Ideator
Camp building at Camp Reimagined

Our Location

Located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Camp Reimagined rests in 1,000 acres of pristine wilderness and is a collection of lakes, streams, waterfalls, ridges, vistas, and miles of hiking trails. Set between the historical villages, hamlets, and towns of the Neversink and Delaware River, its lush green forest is home to deer, turkeys, foxes, many species of birds, and aquatic life. Campers will have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces perfect for every weather condition.

More About Camp Reimagined

Young people have traditionally had their voices silenced in inequitable ways in the design process of spaces aimed at serving them. We believe that youth have the right to be active participants in their life narrative and that, through play in safe and just spaces, they can learn more about who they are. We believe that some populations of youth are subject to voices and barriers in society working to limit their imaginations and ability to explore living to their fullest potential. We are passionate about removing barriers created by these ideas. Instead, we seek to instill courage & resiliency within campers in regards to awareness of their identity and ability to effectively pursue their own role in the world. We hope that you’ll take a look around, get to know us better, and connect with us soon!

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